Friday, March 28

Plane, Plane, Go Away. . .no wait. . nevermind!

I was on my way to Englewood, to attend a Spa Party that my sister was hosting, with the boys, and Peter noticed a plane flying above us. He said "Look Mommy. . .it's a very big plane! Is he going to squish our car?" I told him that airplanes don't squish (or land) on cars. Then we talked about how we are going to be on an airplane soon, to go visit Patrick and Catherine in MN. He got very excited because he remembered them taking him to the 'circus' (aka, the zoo). He asked me "How are we going to get ON the airplane?", I replied "Well, we go to an airport and get on a plane and then fly really high in sky, really fast" Peter thought for a minute and said "So, airplanes HELP us get to Patrick and Pafrine's house!". "That's right, Peter! Smarty-pants!"