Thursday, March 20

Are you my mother?

'Are You My Mother' was a favorite book of mine, written by Dr. Suess, that my Dad used to read to me as a child. It's about a little lost birdie who's looking for his Mommy. Last night, Peter got up, as usual, to go to the bathroom after bedtime (which I STILL think it's his own secret way of justifying him getting out of bed when he should be sleeping). While he was in the bathroom, I heard his ask. . ."Mommy. . .?" "Yes, Peter." "Mommy, why are YOU my Mommy?" I snickered quietly to myself and said "Well, because God wanted me to be your Mommy." He said, "Oh, so. . .I'm NOT your Father." I said, "Yes, Peter, that means you're NOT my Father!!!" Who knows where these young minds get things like this in them!